Privacy Policy


To avoid mistakes and to prevent any possible fraudulent activity, the following policy is implemented to process all orders submitted to us.

Exchange order form must be completed in full, with real name, surname, e-mail address and real phone number provided. Phone number must contain country and area code.

Do not make any payments into our accounts without prior submission of the order form. Such payments and payments that do not match the orders in our system will be held pending investigation.

Buy order form must be completed in full with real e-mail address and real phone number provided. Phone number must contain country and area code. Do not use cellular phones and Internet fax numbers. Orders submitted without these details would not be accepted.

If needed we call for telephone verification.

If needed we ask customers to provide a copy of their photo ID. Failure to provide this information may result in your order being delayed.

Checks and Money orders are not accepted.

Third party transfers are not accepted, unless you can prove that it is made by your company or under your instructions and the transfer has the reference to your order and your name.

ECXCHANGER.COM exchanging e-currencies and associated services, we do not provide or solicit any other goods or services. ECXCHANGER.COM is not acting as escrow agent for any third party in any transaction, nor are we associated with any payment system or e-currency issuer, i.e. e-gold, e-bay, PayPal, etc. If you are asked by someone to make a payment into our account on their behalf and you do not do business with our company and you haven’t placed the order to buy e-currency, DO NOT make the payment and contact us immediately.

By placing the order you indemnify our company of any liability which may arise as the result of fraudulent activity by a third party or mistakes as result of incorrect information being provided or any other circumstances not under our direct control.



Under no circumstances any details provided to us by our customers at the time of placing the order or upon our request, be shared, sold, rented or in any other way revealed to any third party unless we are requested to do so by law by the appropriate authorities or if fraud or theft is involved.



Due to the nature of business we do not offer refunds if your order has been processed and the gold or electronic currency units have been deposited into the account nominated by you.

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