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Exchange Process and Exchange Form Explanation

Exchange Instruction:

To get your exchange done please follow those steps

Step-1 : Click on exchange menu from the main menu.

Step-2 : Fill up the exchange form carefully.

Step-3 : Click on "Order Now" button to submit your order.

Step-4 : A payment page will appear and follow the payment instruction.

Step-5 : Pay your exchanged e-currency to us.

After this we will verify your payment and execute your exchange order as early as possible.


Exchange form Explanation:

1. Sending E-currency : Please select your sending e-currency.

2. Receiving E-currency : Please select your receiving e-currency.

3. Sending Account ID : Type the sending e-currency wallet.

4. Receiving Account ID : Type the Receiving e-currency wallet.

5. Name of Receiving ID : This is optional. Type your receiving wallet name.

6. Amount : Input the amount you want to exchange.

7. Phone number : Type your phone number. This is optional.

8. Email Address : Type your email address where you want to receive the copy of your exchange order and we can contact you for any reason.




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